Sunday, November 29, 2009

when u needs someone so much, he is not being ur side, he dunno y u needs him so much, he dunno y u get down jz becoz he is not coming to u, he dunno how u miss him, he dunno anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

itisonlyiloveyou, n becoz of love, im too care everything of u

he will ever dunno how is my feeling.......................

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

担心 担心 担心 担心 担心

Thursday, September 17, 2009

random post

I found tat my bloggie is boring n meaningless, so i gonna post some funny n scary pic even they r overdue, teeheehee ::

tis is my fake gucci spec, look nice wat, muahaha

WUHOO.. finally i end all d papers! glad to say bye bye to LAW, MIS :D i will appreciate my 2 weeks holiday n try to make it joyful, Melacca A'Famosa, wait me, u will c me on 1 more week later! ;)

During exam period, i really suffered coz of the LAW n MIS, i think every DAC students hav a same feeling like me. n now, everything is over! i gonna say 'WUHOO' again :D

feels like wanna color my finger nails now, wit this color ---> SSSSS
i noe it looks colorless, but so nice wat
thinking whether color myself or go for a nail shop

lastly, hope every dude from tarc hav a delighted holiday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

只不过想更新我的blog :p

如果现在我可以去旅行,住在海边的旅店,吹着海风,享受着温柔的阳光,手里还拿着杯果汁!是件多美好的事阿.. (哈)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009



好想念我的姐妹们,我们好像有几个礼拜没见面了贝.. 不知你们想念我没有^^

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teeee ;D

i wanna watch the latest movie! like transformer, drag me to hell. i wanna eat KFC fried chicken! original pls =p i wanna swimming! til both of my legs out of strength and kill all the fats. i wanna finish all my test, assignment, couseworks cepat cepat. i wanna go d GARDEN restaurant in 1utama. it look so sweet and peaceful. i wanna change a new hairstyle, but hav no idea which look is more suits me.

grr.. i told someone i feel stressful recently n when he asked me, 'wat makes u stress?'. i cant give him an exact answer, hohoho. maybe my pressure is comes from the reason tat I think too muchie. but im sure i will always be moody when it comes to assignment and coursework wuwuwu.. everyone hav their own problem n stress, try to be relax n hav a deep-breath when facing all the things tat u dun like. GAM-BA-TEH to all the tarcian! XD

last but not least, happy 6 month and 6 days to him n me! kekeke..


Thursday, May 21, 2009

sorry =(

i did something he hate most, again today..
we supposed to be happy, laugh from morning til the end of the day
my bad temper makes him and myself moody.. i always promised him to be more mature and i cant do tis in a short time
wat can i say is jz sorry =(

i afraid to c ur back while u r leaving..